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Social Microfinance for
Rural women

Learning Squared Liberia's Social Microfinance for ​Rural women program takes a strategic approach to strengthening Liberian women’s economic empowerment in their communities through through interest-free microloans aimed at developing their entrepreneurial skills.


Empowering Rural Women

Given Liberia's struggling job market and the challenges women faced in supporting their children’s education in rural Liberia, women play a key role in supporting a large proportion of Liberia's small business workforce. In Liberia, they comprise 54 percent of the labor force in both the formal and informal sectors. In small business and trading activities, they constitute more than 80 percent of trading activities in the rural areas in addition to fulfilling daily household chores. Yet Liberian women remain among the most disadvantaged. They are disproportionately clustered in the least productive sectors, with 90 percent employed in the informal sector or agriculture. Their predominance in the informal economy translates into low productivity, meager earnings, and exposure to exploitation.

According to the UN's Capital Development Fund, comprehensive impact studies have demonstrated that microfinance helps very poor households meet basic needs and protect against risks. The use of financial services by low-income households is associated with improvements in household economic welfare and enterprise stability or growth. By supporting women's economic participation, microfinance helps to empower women, thus promoting gender equity and improving household well-being.

We developed a strategic program to help rural Liberian women to strengthen their economic empowerment in their communities, towns, and villages. Through this structure, women can access a revolving interest-free microloan to develop their entrepreneurial skills, resiliency, and families' ability to be self-sufficient. Of significance is that rural women have an opportunity to articulate their concerns, evaluate their accomplishments, and devise strategies to tackle challenges they may encounter. 


Social Microfinance Project ​

Since 2018 the project has helped to unlock the potential and aspirations of rural Liberian women and focused on single mothers and parents of our scholarship students. The program is revolving noninterest microloans and small business education for rural women in our project areas. Liberia's rural women have expressed a strong desire to help fund their children's education and pay for basic household needs. Given Liberia's struggling job market, this program helps develop entrepreneurial skills, resiliency, and families' ability to be self-sufficient.

We facilitated the establishment of women’s group trained members of those structures into our social microfinance program. Helping these women become self-sufficient is the backbone of the organization's sustainability strategy. It helps our organization to be sustainable and continue to provide those scholarships. Learning Squared Liberia believes that increasing financial inclusion and teaching financial literacy. Empowers poor women to take control of their livelihoods and their lives, and support their children’s education

Learning Squared experiences loan repayment rates in the 95 - 100 % range. This is far higher than that experienced by commercial lending institutions, thereby indicating that not only do the poor want financial services, but they need them, are willing to contribute to their children’s education, and improve their livelihood.


Your support matters

Our community support programs depend on the generous contributions from partners and donors. By giving a little, you can help make a huge impact in the lives of many across Liberia.

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