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About Us

Learning Squared Liberia is a non-profit organization registered and operating in the USA and Liberia. The organization was founded as Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA) Liberia in 2016 by President Anthony S. Kolaco, and was renamed and relaunched as Learning Squared Liberia in July 2019.

 We are recognized as tax exempt in the USA under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). EIN: 82-4712427. Contributions to Learning Squared Liberia are tax deductible in the USA. Donations to the Learning Squared Liberia go directly to running our programs to help increase the impact of education of children and women’s involvement in their children’s education in Liberia.


Learning Squared Liberia also welcomes meaningful partnership proposals and collaboration on any of our program areas in Liberia.


Our Vision

A Liberia where all youth have access to an education that prepares them to succeed personally and professionally, and where all citizens are active, empowered, and engaged in collectively contributing to a vibrant democracy.

Close up of two young girls writing on paper

We believe that



Every child deserves a quality education.

Improving education for children benefits entire communities.



Education is a critical part of informed civic engagement.

Civic engagement is a fundamental component of a healthy democracy.

We Are committed to

Amplifying Community Voices


Community members have the best knowledge of what their community needs. It is critical to give them platforms to come together to discuss their priorities, and how they are being served by government.

Partnership and Collaboration


Through networking and collaborating with NGOs, civil society organization, government entities, and community groups in Liberia, as well as Liberian diaspora groups and international supporters, we develop long-term and collaborative relationships.

Institutional Performance


We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of institutional 
performance thru sound financial management, accountable and transparent governance, effective communication, continuous improvement and sustainable results.

Global Giving 2021 Award badge that says "Effective Organization"
Global Giving 2021 Award badge that says "Vetted Organization"
Global Giving 2021 Award badge that says "Top-Ranked Organization"
Global Giving 2021 Award badge that says "Site Visit Verified"
Group of children smile as they pose in front of table of school supplies.

Our team and our volunteers exemplify selfless commitment and are truly dedicated to providing opportunities for underprivileged and underserved Liberians.

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