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About Us

Learning Squared Liberia is a registered civil society organization that has been working tirelessly since 2016. Learning Squared is committed to building a functional community, supporting education and social, and economic livelihoods, and advancing grassroots community civic engagement in Liberia. Our organization believes that a strong community is built on the foundations of education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. By providing access to education and resources, we can help create a more connected, supportive, and empowered community that can thrive and support the growth and well-being of its members.


Learning Squared works collaboratively to improve education and empower underserved communities in Liberia, particularly women, children, and communities. Through advocacy and policy engagement, community mobilization and awareness, outreach, support and partnership building, training, and development. We are committed and dedicated to supporting and strengthening social cohesion to improve livelihoods, children’s education, accountability, transparency, equitable governance, economic and community empowerment, and the promotion of citizens and public participation.


Improving education for the children of Liberia and developing the capacity of individuals and communities to build a healthy and thriving democracy

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Our Vision

A Liberia where all youth have access to an education that prepares them to succeed personally and professionally, and where all citizens are active, empowered, and engaged collectively contributing to a vibrant democracy.

Theory of Change

Change is possible when the actors defined, analyzed, and set objectives for solving their own problems.

Change is a process that is determined by the beneficiaries and requires long-term commitment.

Change requires local ownership to build a vibrant community.

Our Values


Learning Squared Liberia practices what it preaches. We work to empower women and children with high organizational management and governance standards, and we uphold these standards in all that we do. 


Learning Squared Liberia is positioning itself at the center of a professional, responsive civil society that reflects the rich socio-cultural diversity of Liberia.


Learning Squared Liberia maintains the highest ethical standards that foster transparency, accountability, mutual respect, and integrity in its operations and relationships with its partners.


Learning Squared Liberia believes in the principle of mutual respect and answers any questions with knowledge and accuracy.

Group of children smile as they pose in front of table of school supplies.

Our team and our volunteers exemplify selfless commitment and are truly dedicated to providing opportunities for underprivileged and underserved Liberians.

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