Educational Support PROgRAM

Learning Squared Liberia’s Educational Support Initiative is focused on providing educational and professional development opportunities for youth. Current programs impact an estimated 15,000 community and local leaders, youth, and women as

indirect beneficiaries.

Rural Scholarship Program

As of 2019, Learning Squared Liberia is implementing programs in 5 counties in Liberia. The organization is sponsoring 261 students in 11 schools. This direct funding is enabling many young children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school.

Building Skills for Employment Fellowship

The Building Skills for Employment (BSE) Fellowship is a skill building and empowerment program for young people (ages 18-24) in Liberia designed to reduce unemployment and underemployment and create opportunities for wealth creation and career development.

Your support matters


Our educational support initiatives depend on the generous contributions from partners and donors. By giving a little, you can help spearhead new development opportunities for Liberian youth.

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