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Learning Squared Liberia's civic and community engagement program is focused on promoting effective civic education and improving engagement between citizens and elected officials is critical for building strong and democratic communities. The program aims to engage traditionally less involved groups such as women and youth. By bringing together elected officials, civic leaders, and community members, we are helping to create a space for productive dialogue and collaboration, which is essential for building a better community. Moreover, by providing a platform for community residents to engage with their civic roles and responsibilities, LS is empowering them to be active participants in shaping their community's future. This can lead to increased civic engagement and a greater sense of ownership and investment in the community.

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As of March 2023:

Learning Squared Liberia  implemented two significant projects:

  • Delivering Peace Dividends in Liberia which was implemented in Lofa and Nimba Counties under the UNDP Peace Building program with support from NAYMOTE, working in six conflict-prone communities

  • Promoting Accessible and Effective Civic Education in Liberia which was funded by Democracy International and USAID in Gbarpolu County.

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Learning Squared Liberia has conducted and facilitated over 300 community meetings, forums, and civic engagement meetings between local leaders, women and youth groups, school administrations, parents, and local communities in the project areas. As a result, the program has created a better platform for communities and residents to understand their civil rights and responsibilities better.

Your support matters

Our community support programs depend on the generous contributions from partners and donors. By giving a little, you can help make a huge impact in the lives of many across Liberia.

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