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Community Support PROGRAM

Learning Squared Liberia's community program is aimed at improving engagement between citizens, elected officials, and service delivery. With an emphasis on young people, community leaders measure and track service delivery provided by the government. The program seeks to promote active citizens' engagement and increase their voice in promoting accountability for their eleceted officials.

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Community Talks

Community Talks facilitates monthly gatherings between elected officials, civic leaders, and community members to foster productive dialogue about building a better community. As a result, the program provides a better platform for young people to understand government policies, programs, services, and critique their implementation priorities. In addition, the program allows traditionally less engaged groups such as women and youth to participate in the democratic process actively. Meetings are hosted monthly and address issues at the community, county, and national levels. As of 2021, over 50 community meetings, forums and engagements have been held in the project areas and benefited community members.

Building Skills for Employment

Building Skills for Employment (BUSE). It is an initiative designed by Learning Squared -Liberia to improve employment opportunities for young people. The program is a social entrepreneurship program that aims to transform youth unemployment and underemployment into an opportunity for wealth creation, gaining experiences for job opportunities upon graduation, and social improvement by helping promising young people in mentoring, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. innovation.

The focus is on young students or young and social entrepreneurs (ages 18-24) (who we call Fellows) to adopt a possibility-oriented approach towards their personal, professional, and career development.
The program helps to reduce unemployment, underemployment, and create wealth creation and career development opportunities. Our Fellows are drawn into an intriguing journey of self-discovery and exploring new boundaries that challenge conventional modes of thinking. 

Liberia's National Youth Policy shows that more than a third of the total population and nearly half of the total labor force in Liberia are youth. There are many changes that young people face in their everyday lives in Liberia, a myriad of challenges and opportunities which they must navigate successfully to experience fulfilling adulthood.

Your support matters

Our community support programs depend on the generous contributions from partners and donors. By giving a little, you can help make a huge impact in the lives of many across Liberia.

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