Community Support PROGRAM

Learning Squared Liberia's community support takes a grassroots approach to empowering citizens by improving engagement between citizens and elected officials and delivering programs that help expand citizens' capacity to support themselves, their families, and their communities and reduce poverty.


Community Talks

Community Talks facilitates monthly gatherings between elected officials, civic leaders, and community members to foster productive dialogue about building a better Liberia. The talks allow citizens better to understand government policies, programs, and services and critique their priorities and implementation. This helps to inform leaders and holds them accountable. This program allows for traditionally less engaged groups such as women and youth to actively participate in the democratic process. Meetings are hosted monthly and address issues at the community, county, and national levels. As of 2019, over 30 community meetings and engagements have been held in the project areas and benefited community members. 

Social Microfinance Project ​

Since 2018 the project has helped to unlock the potential and aspirations of rural Liberian women and focused on single mothers and parents of our scholarship students. The program is revolving noninterest microloans and small business education for rural women in our project areas. Liberia's rural women have expressed a strong desire to help fund their children's education and pay for basic household needs. Given Liberia's struggling job market, this program helps develop entrepreneurial skills, resiliency, and families' ability to be self-sufficient.

We facilitated the establishment of two women's group trained members of those structures into our social microfinance project. Fifty women trained and 30 women currently benefit from this program. Learning Squared collaborate with various line ministries, especially the Ministry of Education, the district and county education authorities and other Liberia, national and international NGOs. NGO forums, coalitions, and networks in and out of Liberia.

Your support matters

Our community support programs depend on the generous contributions from partners and donors. By giving a little, you can help make a huge impact in the lives of many across Liberia.