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Antioch, California, September 21, 2021.

Cecelia is a 49-year-old farmer and single mother in Minor community, Kakata, Margibi County, Liberia. She is motivated, hardworking, and self-determined. Despite all the challenges in rural Liberia, Cecelia is passionate about getting a better education for her children, like so many other parents. "I do petty trade, selling of assorted items and vegetables for our livelihood. I have two children, but I have two other children I must take care of. So, in total, I have four children in my household. Also, I have my old-age sister who is sick to take care

of in the same household." With the proceeds from her petty trade, Cecelia is putting one of her sons through Junior high school in central Kakata. However, there are times when she needs additional support to take care of her family. "Because I am putting the children through school, it has been challenging on me. But the little market must put food on the table and help support my children's education. Not until I heard about the Learning Squared Social microfinance program for women who had their children on their scholarship program. The principal of one of my son's schools informed me about the program. He asked if I was interested in joining it. So, of course, I said 'yes." Cecelia, 49 years.

With that, Cecelia connected with other women and started working with the Learning Squared Liberia team. Cecelia participated in a one-week training program in small business management, entrepreneurship, and tips on raising income to support her children's education. "As a start-up seed fund, I received USD 36 ($6,000 LD) to improve my business and pay back the money in 12 weeks". "This was a huge opportunity for my family and me." Cecelia, 49 years.

"Today, I am pleased to inform you that I am selling imported lappers in and out of my community; I sell these lappers on different market days in the county. I have completed the first repayment process. Because of the trust, Learning Squared has provided me an additional USD 50 ($8,500 LD) to continue my small venture business to support my children's education and improve our livelihood. My dream is to open my shop in my community so I can sell different types of lappers daily. I want to say a big thank you to Learning Squared Liberia for their model to support women and children's education in Liberia. The program has changed our lives; our children are no longer sent home for school fees or need books, bags, or learning materials; they provide it all." Cecelia, 49 years.

Cecelia is excited about her successes, and she is entirely hopeful about her children's future."I hope to save some money for my children's high school education so that my children can get the education I never had and take care of my family. I am sure this is one of the best opportunities of my life, and I will continue to support the program, and I advise other women to make use of the opportunity". Cecelia, 49 years.


Learning Squared Liberia is a 501(c)(3) registered U.S and Liberian-based charity. Learning Squared provides children's access to quality education and a platform for women to generate income to support their children's education through a grassroots model. Founded in 2016 and rebranded as Learning Squared Liberia in July 2019.

Read more about Learning Squared Liberia from our website: Email: Website: Phone: Liberia +231(0)886828014- USA +1 510 200 3732

Antioch, California, June 4, 2021.

Learning Squared Liberia, a U.S. and Liberian-based NGO that provides sustainable solutions for providing equal access to education for children and a platform for women to generate income to support their children’s education in Africa have committed additional support to 30 rural women in two communities in Margibi County, Liberia.

The project will focus on creating opportunities for rural women entrepreneurs with tools and services to generate income, reduce poverty and support their children’s education their families, and community large. Learning Squared Liberia expects that over 30 people will directly benefit from the program, impacting over 300 indirect beneficiaries in rural households with access to income, and opportunities to support and sustain their families.

“This program will help to increase the availability of much-needed support that will improve reliability, increase employment opportunity and create more equitable, sustainable growth for families in the project area, and their children’s education,” said Anthony S. Kolaco, Founder of Learning Squared Liberia.

Many parents and women whose children are benefiting from our scholarship program lack access to resources and tools, information on small business loans, and financing which can severely limit their ability to take care of their children’s education and family’s needs.

Making the donation, the Country Manager of Learning Squared. Alvin Freeman cautioned beneficiaries to take this opportunity serious to improve the livelihood of their families. The total amount committed to this program is $180,000.00 Liberian dollars, ($1060.00USD. A total amount of $6000.00LD ($36.00USD) was given to each participant. Thirty (30) women of both Minor and Palm Bush communities, in Margibi County, received seed funds to start up an income generation venture. This seed fund is a revolving loan that is expected to be payback within the period of 12 weeks beginning June 2021.

ABOUT LEARNING SQUARED: Learning Squared Liberia is a 501(c)(3) registered U.S and Liberian-based charity operating in the USA and Liberia. Founded in 2016 and was renamed and relaunched as Learning Squared Liberia in July 2019. Donations to Learning Squared Liberia go directly to running our programs in rural communities in Liberia. Working with communities, children, women, and schools in rural Liberia to provide practical solutions that improve access to quality and affordable education for children and foster economic and social development for rural women. We provide community-based solutions that support women to generate income to contribute to their children’s; education and help them work their way through poverty and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Read more about Learning Squared Liberia from our website: Email: Website: Phone: Liberia +231(0)886828014- USA +1 510 200 3732

  • Learning Squared Liberia

Antioch, California, March 1, 2021.

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