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Announcing our Brand Ambassador

Antioch, California, United States – March 11, 2022. We are delighted to announce that we have a new Brand Ambassador, Wilfred T. Sackie, Jr., who will lead our STEM program in high schools for girls. We are grateful that Wilfred has accepted to work with us and support our initiative. Noted Anthony S. Kolaco, President of Learning Squared.

Wilfred was born in Montserrado County, Liberia, and experienced the third wave of the violent conflict in Liberia at a very early age. He obtained his education at the Maggie Lampkins Institute in Paynesville City, Liberia. He has received many accolades as a symbol of academic excellence and passion for helping others. Wilfred has always been involved with volunteerism and community organization, reaching out to his peers and helping to establish after-school programs in underserved communities. Wilfred has a keen interest in the sciences and has also joined other students to run a school program to help more girls take on careers in the sciences.

In March 2014, Liberia became the third country to report the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) spread into the country. When the Ebola-hit Liberia. At the time, young Wilfred's father name Mr. Wilfred Sackie, Sr., worked as a health worker at the Methodist Pentecostal Health Center. Wilfred's father was a frontline worker who died while serving his country diligently. Wilfred remembered receiving the news of his father passing at a very young age. And he still carries the trauma of losing a loved one to a deadly disease without any benefit to his wife and children.

Wilfred recently graduated from the Maggie Lampkins Institute located in the soul clinic community, Paynesville City, Montserrado County. Additionally, Wilfred emerged as the valedictorian for the just-ended 2020/2021 West African Senior school Examination (WASSE), with the highest mark in the Paynesville City school system. Wilfred's ambition is to study electrical engineering at the university level. However, he decided to study or pursue a future career in electrical engineering based on his strength in subjects related to sciences and help young Liberians develop skills and interest in the sciences. My biggest challenge now is getting to college, but I am hopeful, with this opportunity, there is help on the way. I am exhilarated to be representing the Learning Squared brand as the BRAND AMBASSADOR. Their story resonates perfectly with my vision and perspective of never giving up irrespective of the many challenges life may throw at young people in Liberia. The core values of this institution are what draw

me and have helped transform many children and women in rural Liberia.

Learning Squared Liberia is a 501(c)(3) U.S. and Liberian-based charity support and leads early childhood (EEC) and primary education efforts through our social business initiative in rural Liberia. We provide young people and children access to creative learning opportunities and a platform for women to generate income to support their children's education through a grassroots and innovative solution. Read more about Learning Squared Liberia from our website:,


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