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Anthony S. Kolaco Inspires Graduates at Ann Sandell Independent School Graduation

September 23, 2023. The graduating class 2023 at Ann Sandell Independent School was honored to welcome Mr. Anthony S. Kolaco, CEO of Learning Squared, as the distinguished guest speaker at their 4th Senior High School Graduation ceremony. Mr. Kolaco delivered an inspiring address on "Embracing Change and Shaping Your Future."

Ann Sandell Independent School senior high graduation was a historic occasion, celebrating the achievements and determination of its graduating class. The theme of embracing change resonated deeply with the graduates as they prepared to step into a world of opportunities and challenges.

The Ann Sandell Independent School has a proud tradition of academic excellence and is dedicated to preparing its students for a bright future. As part of this commitment, they have chosen Mr. Anthony S. Kolaco, a renowned leader and advocate for quality education, to address the graduating class. Mr. Kolaco's journey in education has been marked by his dedication to promoting access to quality learning experiences for all. As the CEO of Learning Squared, he has led initiatives that empower students, educators, and communities to excel in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

During his speech, Mr. Kolaco emphasized the significance of change as a constant companion on life's journey. He encouraged the graduates to view change not as an obstacle but as a catalyst for growth and innovation. His words served as a reminder that every challenge presents an opportunity, and resilience is the key to success.

Mr. Kolaco also stressed the importance of lifelong learning, urging the graduates to remain curious and open to new knowledge. He emphasized that education is a lifelong pursuit that empowers individuals to shape their destinies. The graduating class and their families were deeply inspired by Mr. Kolaco's words, which resonated with the spirit of hope and determination that filled the room.

As CEO of Learning Squared, Mr. Kolaco is a renowned advocate for quality education and a leader in the field. He has dedicated his career to promoting access to education and empowering individuals and communities to realize their full potential. Ann Sandell Independent School's 4th Senior High School Graduation ceremony was a resounding success, leaving the graduates with purpose and readiness to embrace the future.

In his upcoming address, Mr. Kolaco shared insights on the importance of education, the pursuit of lifelong learning, and the limitless possibilities that await graduates as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. His words inspired and motivated the young minds poised to make a positive impact on their communities and the world.

In closing, I would like to commit to the school project. I noticed the school's laudable effort

toward the auditorium project. On behalf of my family, I would like to contribute USD 500.00 to help this endeavor. Additionally, we will offer scholarships to 5 deserving students through the Paul M. Boakai Scholarship Program. Once again, congratulations to each graduate, and always remember that your future lies in your capable hands. You can approach it with zeal, courage, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

I extend my best wishes to you all for a future filled with success and unlimited happiness.

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