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Building a Career with Learning Squared Liberia: From Intern to Program Staff, Jennis Rue

My journey with Learning Squared Liberia has been a remarkable and fulfilling experience, starting as an intern in 2019 and progressing to a program staff position. This organization has provided me with invaluable opportunities for professional growth, allowing me to contribute to their mission of transforming education in Liberia.

As an intern at Learning Squared Liberia, I was exposed to various aspects of the organization's work. I had the chance to collaborate with a diverse team, learn about their programs, and gain hands-on experience in the education sector. During this time, I developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field and witnessed the positive impact of Learning Squared Liberia's interventions.

Throughout my journey with Learning Squared Liberia, I have been inspired by the dedication and commitment of the organization's leadership and team members. They have served as mentors, guiding and encouraging me to pursue excellence in my work. Their guidance and mentorship have been instrumental in my career growth within the organization.

Reflecting on my journey from intern to program staff, I am grateful for the opportunities Learning Squared Liberia has provided me. The organization has allowed me to build a rewarding career and ignited a deep sense of purpose in me. I am proud to be part of a team making a tangible difference in the lives of children and communities in Liberia.

My experience transitioning from an intern to a program staff member with Learning Squared Liberia has been transformative. This organization has provided me with the platform, support, and opportunities to grow professionally, contribute to impactful programs, and make a meaningful difference in the education sector. I am excited to continue building my career with Learning Squared Liberia, working towards ensuring quality education for all children in Liberia.


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