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Impact and Life Changing Stories from our community

My name is Mrs. Massa Kannah, Proprietress of the Kingdom Builder School in Klay District, Bomi County, Liberia. I wish to extend appreciation to Learning Squared for the support of our school. "A few weeks ago, I was attending a county coordination meeting. A question was asked about schools in the district with bank account. I raised my hand, and everyone was astonished. I said, "Through Learning Squared, we were able to obtain a bank account because they don't give cash to school. We created an account, and today we are known all over in the county as one of the schools in districts, if not the only school with a bank account. We are proud and wish and wish to say; BIG THANK YOU to Learning Squared sand their partners for the support. Attached is a short interview with Madam, Massa Kannah.

One last thing, sharing our project with your friends and family helps us spread the word about our work and continue to grow our community of supporters like you. If you’re willing to share the story of our work with your network, we are incredibly grateful. We are also opened to partnership which is one of the core values of our institution.

Please don't hesitate to follow our work on Facebook and our website, or better still Liberia USA +1 510 200 3732/ +231(0)886828014/ or email us at

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