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Learning Squared Liberia Awarded GlobalGiving Site Visit Verified and Vetted Certificates

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Learning Squared Liberia was awarded the GlobalGiving site visit and vetted certificates. These awards are apart of the GlobalGiving program, which recognizes partner organizations for the incorrigible and significant work they do in their regions. The award also acknowledges us for hosting a field team member whose visit is an essential and integral part of working with partners.

During field visits the team interacted with the Learning Squared Liberia Country team, beneficiaries, local leaders, women, and other stakeholders on the project. As a result, the team got to listen and understand our challenges first-hand.

We are excited to share with our team, board members, supporters, and donors our latest accomplishments and the congratulations of earning a Site Visit Verified and Vetted organization award for 2019!

During a brief statement to the country team in Liberia via skype, the President and CEO of Learning Squared Liberia noted the significance of keeping the bar high and making every experience worth remembering. Especially in reaching out to our beneficiaries, donors, and partners about programs and services that are intended for them.

Finally, thank you to our country team, staff, and volunteers for their continued support and commitment to see a better society.

Antioch, California September 2, 2019

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