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Learning Squared Liberia Identifies with Konjah Public School in Cape Mount County, Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia October 20, 2020. Learning Squared Liberia responded to a disaster emergency at the Konjah Public School in Cape Mount County, Liberia. The disaster was caused by a massive down pole of rain sometime in June 2020. Causing significant damage to the school building. Learning Squared donated the amount of LD $ 23,000.00 (Liberian Dollars) to the School. The

school runs both morning and afternoon sections. With a total of 698 students and Learning Squared has 25 students on scholarship at the school. Thanks to our donors for the support.

For support, partnership, and more information, please call + 231- 0886-828014 -Liberia Office or +1 510-362-9961 USA -Office or email us @ or OR better still visit our website at


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