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Learnings Squared Liberia Donates PPE to Schools to Support COVID-19 Response

The protective equipment to keep students, teachers, and administrators safe included masks local produced, cartons of choral and buckets. In total, Learning Squared is donating US$600.00 six-hundred-dollar worth of supplies to schools for COVID-19 preparedness and response as schools reopened.

Learning Squared Liberia is hugely grateful to teachers and school administrators who have worked so hard to keep children and students safe and protected. We are proud to contribute these supplies to help ensure that they are protected while they do their job and to support the education sector in their response efforts," said Alvin Freeman, Country Manager.

Since the outbreak, Learning Squared Liberia has scaled up support for the education sector in rural Liberia to provide critical health supplies, including face masks and hand sanitizer for teachers and students. To minimize the pandemic risks to children and teachers, Learnings Squared Liberia is also supporting communities and schools to give every child the best start of school opening.


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