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The Story Behind Kingdom Builders Elementary School

Founded in July 2016 in Klay District Bomi County, Liberia, Kingdom Builders Elementary

School started with only 10 students and originally operated as a study hall and a day care in the home of Mrs. Massa Kannah who founded the school with the purpose of empowering the next generation of young leaders and enabling children from all economic backgrounds to attend and stay in school.

After educating children in her home for some time she moved to an unfinished and unroofed building to provide more space for the students. Learning Squared Liberia saw the efforts of Mrs. Massa Kannah to educate the children in her community and subsequently got involved. As a result, Kingdom Builders Elementary

School went from ten students to eight-five, there is now a roof on the school, and the reconstruction of the building is underway.

Today, the Kingdom Builders Elementary School is fully registered with the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education and runs full time academic sessions in accordance with the Education Ministry’s teacher guidelines. Additionally, the school's leadership has completed the children's safety training program provided by Learning Squared Liberia


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