Learning Squared Liberia is dedicated to improving education for the children of Liberia and developing the capacity of individuals and communities to build a healthy and thriving democracy.

Access to education in Liberia is a considerable challenge, especially in rural and underserved communities around the country. According to UNICEF, Liberia has the world's largest out-of-school children. Learning Squared Liberia works with community, women, and rural schools to provide practical solutions that improve access to quality education and foster economic and social development for rural women. 

We provide community-based solutions that support women to generate income to contribute to their children’s education and help them work their way through poverty and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. We also offer an opportunity for women to generate income through our social microfinance revolving loan for women.


In Liberia:

  • 15-20% of children ages 6-14 do not attend school

  • 46% of children do not complete primary education

  • 36% of primary teachers are unqualified

  • 29% of secondary teachers are unqualified


Learning Squared Liberia is committed to driving a systemic education model through its holistic “3E Model of Multiplying the Power of Education”. The model provides a practical and sustainable solution to increasing access to quality education for children and helps women create a sustainable solution to funding their children's education and reducing poverty in their community.

Engage: Identify the needs and challenges faced by children for obtaining education and together find a solution
Educate: Creating access to quality and affordable education and opportunities for children
Empower: Help women create a sustainable income to help fund their children's education and pay for basic household needs

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Learning Squared Liberia provides a variety of programs and initiatives designed to help empower adults and educate youth in Liberia.

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