Monrovia, Liberia October 20, 2020. Learning Squared Liberia responded to a disaster emergency at the Konjah Public School in Cape Mount County, Liberia. The disaster was caused by a massive down pole of rain sometime in June 2020. Causing significant damage to the school building. Learning Squared donated the amount of LD $ 23,000.00 (Liberian Dollars) to the School. The

school runs both morning and afternoon sections. With a total of 698 students and Learning Squared has 25 students on scholarship at the school. Thanks to our donors for the support.

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My name is Mrs. Massa Kannah, Proprietress of the Kingdom Builder School in Klay District, Bomi County, Liberia. I wish to extend appreciation to Learning Squared for the support of our school. "A few weeks ago, I was attending a county coordination meeting. A question was asked about schools in the district with bank account. I raised my hand, and everyone was astonished. I said, "Through Learning Squared, we were able to obtain a bank account because they don't give cash to school. We created an account, and today we are known all over in the county as one of the schools in districts, if not the only school with a bank account. We are proud and wish and wish to say; BIG THANK YOU to Learning Squared sand their partners for the support. Attached is a short interview with Madam, Massa Kannah.

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