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Today, we celebrate a remarkable milestone in our journey - the 9th anniversary of Learning Squared! With immense joy and gratitude, we reflect upon the incredible progress we have made since our humble beginnings.

Over the past nine years, Learning Squared has evolved into a thriving hub of knowledge, inspiration, and growth. We have nurtured a vibrant community of learners, educators, and experts who are passionate about unlocking their full potential and sharing their wisdom with the world.

Throughout this journey, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing exceptional educational resources and innovative learning experiences. From our innovative programs to support women, children, and communities to our engaging training and interactive dialogues, partnership, and collaboration, we have strived to deliver content that not only educates but also empowers and enriches lives.

We are immensely proud of the impact we have had on countless individuals, helping them acquire new skills, broaden their horizons, and achieve their personal and professional goals. It is the success stories and transformative journeys of our learners that fuel our passion and inspire us to continually push the boundaries of education.

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support and trust of our amazing community. To all our sponsors, donors, communities, schools, partners, and staff, we extend our deepest gratitude for being an integral part of the Learning Squared family. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to lifelong learning are the driving force behind our continued success.

As we embark on another year of learning and growth, we remain dedicated to our mission of fostering a world where education knows no boundaries. We will continue to innovate, collaborate, and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of education, ensuring that our community stays at the forefront of knowledge and skills.

On this special occasion, we reaffirm our commitment to providing you with the highest quality learning experiences and opportunities, the most relevant and up-to-date programs, and a platform that fosters connection, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Learning Squared story. Here's to nine years of excellence and to many more years of learning, inspiration, and success together!

Warmest regards,

Anthony S. Kolaco

Founder and CEO, Learning Squared

Learning Squared, a civil society organization dedicated to promoting education, livelihood, and civic engagement in Liberia, has successfully completed a series of voter registration awareness exercises in Gbarpolu County. The activities took place over a two-week period in Gbarma and Bopolu Districts, with the aim of increasing voter participation and engagement in the upcoming elections. Through these efforts, Learning Squared sought to educate citizens on the importance of voter registration and voting in a democratic society, and to encourage them to exercise their right to vote.

With the support of local volunteers, CBOs, women and young people, the disabled community and County authorities. Learning Squared was able to encourage hundreds of first time voters, many of whom had never registered to vote before. The organization also provided over five thousand copies of fliers, posters, and civic education materials to help voters understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

"We are thrilled with the success of this voter registration exercise," said Siotepoh Broh, Program Officer of Learning Squared. "By helping more people register to vote and understand the importance of civic engagement, we are building a stronger, more informed democracy in Liberia." As part of the campaign, Learning Squared will be partnering with schools, community organizations, and other stakeholders to offer a range awareness campaign message. This will help citizens understand the importance of civic engagement and the role of voting in our democracy.

Learning Squared would like to thank the local authorities and volunteers who supported this exercise, as well as the citizens of Gbarpolu County who participated in the process. The organization remains committed to promoting education and civic engagement in Liberia and looks forward to supporting voter participation in future elections.

For more information about Learning Squared and its programs, please visit

Learning Squared

+231 886828014

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Monrovia, Liberia, on November 2, 2022, the Liberian-based charity Learning Squared launched its 3rd Back-to-School Book Ride in Klay, Bomi County. Three thousand and more students are expected to benefit across four counties including, Montserrado, Bomi, Margibi, and Bong. The program will provide students with supplies and learning materials they need to start the school year.

Sponsored by Learning Squared with support from Liberians and non-Liberians in the USA and Liberia. The organization has committed three thousand five hundred United States dollars towards this year's program.

Speaking to a cross-section of staff and volunteers via zoom, The president and CEO Anthony S. Kolaco , underscored the organization's commitment to supporting the education sector and providing access to education. “ We are excited again, to come forth when students need support, especially when parents are faced with economic hardship in the country, we will continue to put smiles on the faces of children in Liberia”, noted Kolaco.

Six schools and 2,500 students ( 1,300 females and 1,200 males) benefited from the exercise. D. W. Institute Elementary School, Kingdom Builder Elementary, St.Eafa School, Agape Elementary and Junior High school, ROSODAN School System, and Minor Community School. Speaking on behalf of the schools, the Principal of Minor Community School, Mr. Moses Wolayou lauded the partnership of Learning Squared as a pathway to sustaining and improving learning outcomes in their respective schools.

This year’s book ride was exceptional, we had parents participating in the process, and I was allowed to distribute some of the packages to the students, this was a big way of supporting our children noted Madam Korpo, from Minor Community.


Learning Squared Liberia is a registered Liberian civil society. The organization supports early childhood (ECE) and primary education efforts in rural Liberia. Providing young people, women, and children access to creative learning opportunities and innovative, scalable ways for women, girls, and communities to finance their small businesses through a social business model and support their children's education.

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